The Holy Spirit has changed my life.

I’d begun to see my identity and destiny change once I encountered the Lord’s grace and Jesus Christ. He took me places I’ve never intended to go, developing strength inside me I couldn’t have gained on my own.

His words lead me to an everlasting joy that temporary suffering couldn’t compare to.

I rejoice in my new life because I have found that He empowers you through every failure and success: and since, I’ve never felt alone in my journey. I’m a big advocate in “the best is yet to come” and everyday I feel His regeneration through me. I continue to build my life upon His love. I’m not perfect but He says I don’t have to be. He healed me. He continues to heal me.

And I want you to know that you were never created to feel alone amidst life’s inevitable trials and tribulations. There’s an unparalleled sense of comfort that lies after you’ve lended your prayers to Him. Life can get tricky and He’s well aware, thus His words honorably bestowed to us within the Bible, were intended to keep us fulfilled, in companionship, accountable, selfless and hopeful. My heart continues to evolve and reconfigure time and time again, since I’ve learned to choose God every time I cannot discern what’s best. 

I attend both The Austin StoneChristian Life Church in Austin, TX: homes that continue to fuel my passion in building a relationship with God. I will be attending classes aside from worship to strengthen my relationship with Him while learning more about myself. I intend to share some of these experiences with you in which I believe a lesson or a particular part of scripture touched me in a new + invigorating way. Although interpretations are based off experiences, I hope to connect to you in the best way I can.

Nothing is guaranteed + this life isn’t easy…

but the beautiful thing is that you don’t have to go through it alone. You have a Creator who cherishes you and loves you beyond belief. You are not defined by your failures and He will use them to grant you salvation. Seek Him and faithfully trust in His plan for you.

My blessings, Char