Charlize Figueroa – Routine



To use my preset, all you need is the mobile Lightroom CC app. No PC required!

I’m incredibly excited to introduce my very first preset- Routine! Many of the photos I happen to take are in cloudy, covered areas and so I found lighting and warmth to be an issue, all the while I still wanted my photos to look rich and a bit golden in hue. This preset looks best with a clean and neutral color palette! It mutes greens in particular (I’ve always favored that when it comes to grassy backgrounds), although maintains beautiful warm tones.

I titled my preset “Routine” since I use slight variations, if not this exact preset frequently. It’s my definite go-to! For an everyday look, I didn’t want to do an overwhelming amount of color/vibrance manipulation (not a fan of really saturated presets), so that it would be really accommodating for you and look naturally-rich. The most common adjustment is the photo’s brightness but it tailors quite nicely regardless.

The download file is as easy as copy and paste! 

Many other creators sell standard presets for a considerably higher price. They also sell them in files that are hard to use and understand, requiring that you download them on PC and have them sync to your mobile device. For many, including myself, this isn’t entirely efficient. I’m more on the go than I am solitary, so it’s really useful to apply my preset on the go as I take my pictures.

To spruce up your images even more (for a vintage look in particular), I recommend placing a dust blank image PNG over my preset.

This is one example of how this transformation would look like:


All the downloading specificities are in the description box when you’re purchasing my preset. Have fun creating and use my hashtag to be reposted (#charlizefigueroapresets). I’d love to share your creations on my social media stories! ❤



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If you have any questions or inspiration ideas for my next preset, I’d absolutely love to hear them in the comment box below!

Thank you so much for reading. Perfecting this preset to exactly how I envisioned it and smoothing out kinks was certainly a process but I genuinely love the way it turned out. My mother now uses it, so it’s very easy for anyone to apply this preset and we had a lot of fun putting it on anything and everything: landscapes, pets, food, family and butterflies. I was re-adjusting tiny aspects for a large part of a day till I was satisfied and I’m very much now.


My very best, Char